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Don't Let the Love Die!

Here at the ol' BSU WC, times are a gonna change. The director and a few of the key grad students are heading off for new programs elsewhere at the end of this semester. As I think back over my time spent in the WC, and the people I have met there, I have come to realize that I am blessed to be a part of something both special to me, and special at our school. At the WC, I can drop by just to relax, join in on amazing and sometimes rediculous conversations, and get more than a few willing comments on anything I may be working on at the time. The people there are tryly caring, open, and professional in every way. And, as Big E mentioned, there is a lot of love between the consultants. But what is really cool is how this spirit extends to the writers that come in to the center. I have had more than a few writers comment on how much they enjoy thier visits, and not just because of the help they get. Our WC is a haven, and they can feel it. When I found out that we will be missing some key people next year, I was a little fearfull that our WC might not handle the change very well. I don't want to see the positive energy that bursts out of the Center fade. I want to encourage each of the consultants that are there next year to keep the love alive! I think that we all need to embrace the changes that are coming, welcome the new group of consultants, and be as helpful as possible to the new director. I know that the energy will change with each group of people that work there, but I think our passion for the work and a willingness to be friendly is something that can be universal, and can keep the love strong!


  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Good luck with all the upcoming changes! The high turnover in WCs can be pretty bittersweet.

    There's a really nice article called "Erika and the Fish Lamps" that addresses the same kind of situation - adjusting to a new "vibe" in the WC.


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