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Hello All,

We've had little bit of the Winter blues at our Writing Center so far. We've had some no-shows, canceled appointments at the last moment, and a few open slots. We are starting to get a little busier though, and I suspect business will continue to pick up because 101 and 102 students are beginning work on their portfolio assignments. I look forward to these because I find that the vast majority of 101 and 102 professors are creative in their attempts to engage newer students in writing. Many students seem to gain even more confidence in their writing after coming in to work with us. Do other consultants/tutors enjoy this? Do other schools work with a lot of 101/102 (or the equivalent to) in their centers? Are their portfolio assignments creative? How responsive are they?
All the best,
Phillip Bode, Boise State Writing Center.


  1. Anonymous4:40 PM

    We see a lot of Comp 1 & 2 students, but our campus does not require a portfolio. A few profs do, but their students make up a very small minority of our numbers. We see very specific spikes in use, though, when papers are due. We charted our use on a line graph, and year to year, the spikes line up perfectly.

    We also see the same assignments from semester to semester, specifically the ones that students have a hard time getting (or are poorly explained/conceived). It's great to work through these kinds of problems with students, and see them finally understand what the prof is expecting.

    But doing portfolio work sounds great. Do you get the opportunity to work with students throughout the whole process, or just sporadically?

  2. Anonymous4:00 PM

    It's relatively common for writers with portfolios to bring all of their papers in and have them looked over in a small chunk of consultations. Some do work with us continually throughout the semester.

    -Phillip Bode


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