Work/work load.

Hi, this is Katherine over at Boise State. I'm having the semester that will define my college career: six classes, a fellynship, an internship, and my beloved WC work.

I'm curious about how other people feel about their WC work when they are busy with other commitments. Does it feel like a burden, like "work" you "have" to do, or is it a welcome break from other kinds of school activities? Nine times out of ten, I find it my escape from the pounding "input" from other classes - I feel like a a clean page just walking in the door. I even like to go and hang out there - it feels so peaceful. I find myself puttering about at the busywork of washing coffee cups and such, clearing my mind and readying myself for the rest of my classes. When I'm there, I feel like I'm re-centering (ha) myself, becoming quieter, kinder, slowing down, getting organized. I smiled at E's post earlier about the abundance of "love" in our Center; I'm guilty! I'm guilty! But I promise, I pass it along!

How do you feel in your Center, now that you've weathered your first semester? Is it becoming a job, has the honeymoon worn off? Is it your refuge, your place of rest, where you discover a different kind of you?


  1. I feel the same way.
    I "work" in the WC Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.
    (Sometimes on weekends when I can pick up a shift)
    I am a WC junkie. It is my escape from the world. I walk into a place where I can help, collaborate, and be my true self. I feel like my opinions are always validated when I am talking to writers or my fellow consultants.
    I love being a part of the WC. I find myself going back to pop my head in and see who's working. I just can't get enough of it.

    Thank you Boise State Writing Center. You rock my life.

  2. Anonymous10:31 AM

    I'm well into my third year at the WC, and it is definitely a place of refuge. It's a place where things make sense to me, my coworkers are my best friends, and where I feel confident in my abilities.

    We're lucky in that we have a lot of downtime, too, so I get a lot of outside work and play done as well!


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