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Hello everyone, I apologize for not much activity here on Peer Centered. I've taken a look at some of the material here and there's wonderful dialogue going on. I want to and will try to involve myself more. I think if I just make it a habit of checking then I'll be able to become more involved.

A lot has happened since my first post several weeks ago. I'm now officially a full intern at the Center and have been involved in non-stop consultations each ninety minute block I'm there. I've worked with traditional, non-traditional, ESL, and even had my first experience with a bright gentlemen that was unfortunately struggling with a learning disability. All types really do come to the Center and sometimes I feel overwhelmed (today was a key one almost about to make me rethink my entire philosophy). Talking each week though with my fellow interns in our training class is a great relief to me. We share our successes and struggles and most importantly work towards a better understanding of our position in the Center.

We've started getting a lot of required visits, which has been fun because each time a student comes in I feel more prepared and able to help. I suspect it will only get busier as the weeks go on and I look forward to helping how I can.

One of the most enjoyable things I think I've done so far is e-mail consultations. Not only is it a fun challenge to read and put together a constructive response in an hour, but it took me back to when I first started helping friends and family with their writing. We commonly used the internet and instant messenger for this purpose so this was taking me back into a comfort zone. In fact I think I'm a bit more comfortable with it then I am with face to face. I don't want to give up face to face, however, because it's a unique and valuable experience to have that personal interaction. Did anyone else from my 303 class enjoy the practice e-mail consultation?

Even though I've experienced some pretty intense ups and downs these last couple of weeks I'm still keeping hope and still maintaining my desire to help. In other news it's starting to get cold down here, hope everyone keeps warm this winter!


  1. Ben, I enjoyed e-mail consultations, too. I think that's because I often give my best friend, Lisa, feedback on her writing. She is a Creative Writing student in Florida. So the electronic method seemed familiar. I would definitely miss face-to-face, though, because that's where I can see most of the magic happening. :)

    Sorry to hear about your "downs"; I hope the future gives you nothing but "ups" in the Center!

  2. Justin Lee2:52 PM

    I think the really wonderful thing about what we do and the opportunities we have for growth under Melissa and future leadership, is that there are these different mediums and modes for us to do what we do best--helping writers. I enjoyed the email consultation a good amount, yet I think my strong point is my face-to-face, push and pull, poke and prod mentality. It is a major asset to our Center to see people with different skill sets and different comfort levels using diverse methods to reach a common goal.

  3. And I think that's just it. My "beginnings" for helping people with their writing originally came from an electronic form of communication. Not only that it just gives me some time to put on my headphones, listen to some music, and offer some quick feedback.

    Also thank you for the well wishes, I do consider my experience in general with the writing center to be positive and hope to continue it next semester ^^ I've seen the sort of support and community we can offer as a center and it's really an awesome thing when you think about it.

  4. I have to say, my favorite part of working in the center is the fact that we have such a diverse and "out-there" staff with different skill sets, strengths, and weaknesses. Although I enjoyed the email consultation process, I am much more suited to the one-on-one game. However, I think it is essential that we branch out into the technological ether, pulling in consultations that were unthinkable even 10 years back.


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