to dream per chance to dream--that is the question. I think. Is that how you say it? To dream? I dream of being finished with school and working in a middle school teaching English. Or at an ESL center helping the immigrants learn our language so they can survive in our culture. That's what I dream of. To be able to get through English 202 and English 303 and my other class, oh yea, writing 407. They all require lots of reading, lots of writing and lots of paying attention to what is going on. Some of the required work is beyond my copacity to think so I need a tutor. The place where I would ordinarily get a tutor for free didn't have one for that class so I am having to go outside and pay someone myself. It's all about timing, money and energy isn't it after all, isn't that what it's all about? And "at the end of the day" it is also about learning to the highest level of learning that we can attain to learn. Here at the University we are able to stretch out our brains and our (unknown or little known) skills in the direction of a victory in the form of a diploma that makes us feel like we've accomplished something we either never thought we could or thought we'd never make it to "the end" and get that diploma. Now. What do you think of the dream?
Lila--student extrodinare at BSU


  1. Good dream. Unfortunately we BSU students are going to graduate at the "Taco Bell Arena." I hope to God that they we will not have to ask for mild, hot, or fire sauce with our degrees. (Crunchy or soft?)


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