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Yesterday, I was offered a $10 tip after a 30 minute consultation. "Is this okay?" she asked. "I really don't know," I said, "so I must decline." Should I have taken it, purchased a round of drinks for my friends later at The Broadway? Should I have toasted, with zeal, the Korean exchange student? I really have no basis for ethical standards in this regard; and, suddenly, I'm standing at the precipice of an infinite existential dilemma, having declined the money. Your thoughts?


  1. Hah! Our consultants once joked about putting out a tip jar. They never took it any further, of course, since actually doing it brought out a lot of the same existential angst you cite.

    Did you know that in ancient times teachers were paid by their students directly? The teachers (such as Socrates) wouldn't grovel for the money, however, and students still paid them.

  2. Are you saying there was no reason for me to NOT take the tip?

    Oh the Greeks... life must have been much simpler before existentialism.

  3. It's always awkward when people offer you money when you aren't expecting it. Dale, did you feel a close connection with the wcj article that compares writing centers to brothels? I think the smoothest way to get out of that situation would be to say, "You're money's no good here, cowboy."


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