Well, it's almost the end of this semester, and I can say, with confidence, "I am so glad!" What a ride this one's been: four million credits, a zillion papers, two boys with endless baseball games and practices, a house that refuses to clean itself, and one very loud kitten, too. Okay, most of my excitement with the coming end stems from personal, non-writing center stuff, but the writing center is part of my personal stuff, too. I'm glad the semester's almost over, but I am sad that my time as a consultant is almost over, too...

I don't know about all of you, but towards the end of the last two semesters, I've found myself feeling a bit sad. This semester's been the worst, so far. I don't feel sad about getting those four million credits out of the way, or not writing another Sociology response--good riddens to all that--yet, I do feel sad about leaving the center, yet again. When inside the center, among nice people and interesting consultations, I feel comfortable. I like that. I feel like I can be myself there, and 'being myself' is okay, too. I guess that I am with Sara and Greg on the fact that the center is a place where my outside stuff doesn't matter. This isn't always the case--it can't always be the case--but overall it's a personal oasis, I think. When I hang my coat up, I know that my phone won't ring, my bills are exactly 8 miles away, my homework still waits for me atop my desk, and that my kids are safe at home filling-up on chocolate syrup and Twinkies. The only thing I have to worry about is my upcoming consultations, and they are rarely worrisome at all.

It does feel like an oasis to me for a different, non-escapish reason as well. I really appreciate that our center seems to be balanced mix of academia and writing. I like that, too. Everyone in the center is really intelligent, into school, into writing, and into keeping the center writer-focused. Unlike most places that I have worked, there's no gossip, no laziness, no blatant individualism. Everyone works as a team and helps one another out. If I have two back-to-back appointments, and I still have to put the finishing touches on an email consultation, I know that someone will enter my files into the computer. If a walk-in comes in, and someone finished-up their previous consultation early, they'll accept that walk-in, no problem; there's never issues with consultants dodging 'what's right," and I love that about the BSU center.

I guess that I am just trying to say, "You are all really great." The center's really great. I am so glad that I chose to do my internship with all of you. Thanks for putting up with me. We only have a couple of weeks together, and I know, for a fact, that they'll be enjoyable!


  1. Alisha-The writing center will certainly miss you! The one negative aspect of so much one-on-one writer/consultant time is that we don't have a lot of consultant/consultant/consultant/consultant (etc.) time. But even without that, we do seem to have a nice community of fantastic people kickin'. Although hanging out w/ your boys eating twinkies and chocolate syrup also sounds like fun. Have a great summer! :)

  2. Thanks Elizabeth. Have a great summer, too!


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