Hello all!

I want to extend my heart-felt thanks to all of you that attended RMPTC this year. I have some brief stats to give you an idea of how it went from a quantitative view:

105 consultants/tutors and administrators attended
32 presentations occurred--not including the keynote by Neal Lerner
8 states were represented (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Utah, and Washington)
17 schools were represented (BSU, BYU, Cochise College, ISU, Mesa State College, MIT, Naropra University, North Idaho College, NNU, Salt Lake Community Collge, USU, U of I, U of U, University of Louisville, WSU, Weber State University, and Westminster College)
100% of the attendees and presenters left smiling

Thanks again


  1. Excellent conference, Zach. I think it might be the best RMPTC yet, and we've had some great ones over the past few years.

  2. Yes, I agree with Clint. I think that everyone had a lot of fun!

  3. Anonymous5:39 AM

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