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Report from ECWCA

Right now, I'm in Columbus, OH, and using my director's laptop to post this. We're getting ready to begin day two of the ECWCA conference. A few more sessions, lunch, the final plenary, and back home we go.

Last night we got to see keynote speaker Andrea Lunsford. She spoke about her own writing center, it's history, and especially about where its recent focus has been. At Stanford's WC, they've taken a keen interest in the performative aspects of writing. The spoken word collective uses the WC facilities, and so does another poetry group. They hold a number of reading per year in the WC, sometimes tying into campus events like Admissions Week or Parents Week. They also host a series which allows undergrads to give presentations of their academic work throughout the year. Lunsford presented much of this information through a 15 minute video she played, giving us a sort of virtual tour of her WC.

The sessions I attended yesterday were great - there was some intense and amazing discussion following each one. I presented yesterday, so today I can just relax and enjoy the show. My only regret is that I missed a presentation by Nancy Grimm. Next year, I'll be sure to read the schedule a little more carefully.


  1. Wow, Andrew. While you were posting live from the ECWCA, some of us were attending the RMPTC.

    It sounds like Lunsford's WC is going beyond one-on-one tutoring sessions in a useful and productive way.

    I think the biggest message I left the RMPTC with was one of the importance of building rapport with our clients and having high expectations for all writing.

    Did you present on diversity in the writing center by any chance?

  2. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Glad everyone had a good time at RMPTC!

    I presented on bringing an anti-oppression agenda into WC work. What gave me away? ;)


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