Ben Reed, Reporting for Duty.

Another BSU writing intern ready to join the ranks of Peer Centered.

As far as a quick introduction my name is Ben Reed and I am a Senior at Boise State University. My major is a BA in English with a Literary Studies Emphasis and a Japanese Studies Minor. With all luck I'll be graduating Spring of 2010. When I'm not working or at school I usually am doing either freelance writing or playing one table top role playing or another with my friends. I am an author hopeful, having put together my first 600 novel manuscript. It still needs to be polished but I hope to have it on the shelves one day.

This week was an exciting one for me at the Center because I got to do my first consultation. I had originally expected to have a reluctant student in who "didn't know what this place is really for" but instead subbed for one of the veterans who became ill. I had been hoping to deal with a "tough" student from the get go but instead got to deal with a very nice student who had been in the center several times already. I started reaching out, analyzing what we had learned in class and trying to apply it to my own tutoring style. I find that I still mostly am a listener but when I get talking I can really keep a conversation going. In fact what was going to be a 30 minute consultation ended up being an hour because I still had time to talk. The student was very positive about the whole experience and appreciative of my help, I was also happy with how it went.

Normally working retail I found this to actually be less stressful of an environment, for whatever reason. Not to say I wasn't paying attention to the student but the environment was a more comfortable one and it was nice not having to wear a uniform. Anyways that's about it for me today. Feel free to comment on this or other posts, I'll try looking through the archives and starting up some conversations in the near future. Good to be on board!


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