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We're kind of a big class, I'd like to think 12+ or so newbs that have invaded the BSU (Boise State) Writing Center. As one of the youngest, if not THE youngest consultants-to-be, I have such respect for everyone I interact with whenever I go into the Center. Even my fellow 303'ers seem bigger then life to me because they are older, wiser and more experienced. Here I am, a little 19 year old, not even a flippin' sophomore yet (like two credits away...) and I'm trying to fulfill the duties of something I find very respectable. A writing tutor. My major as an Art Educator seems slightly related to this experience, but I did it for mainly selfish reasons.

One: I had the best first year of english, ever, last year with Zach Koppelmann.
Two: As an education major, I wanted to get a taste for working with and helping students, however I can, before student teaching.
Three: It sounded like a screamin' good time! And a good opportunity to find that niche I've been in search for since my entrance to the university over a year ago.

So far; I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with students and all consultants as well as other English majors. I have found somewhere I actually like being on campus, and I have started to learn skills that I will find entirely too useful for the rest of my life. And I am having a very good and fun time. :)

I also wanted to ask any and all who read this if there are any other education emphasis anythings out there that would like to share experiences, and connections made with WC work into general or specific education work.
Thank you!


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