If You Had it to Do Over

Hi Everyone.
I am Andrea. Much like the posts (bloggers) before, I am also part of the Writing Center at Boise State University--another new guy.

I have thus far listened in on consultations and had the opportunity to do my first consultation a little less than a week ago. I felt like my consultation went really well. I am nervous for the next consultation though. I have spoken with some veteran consultants from our center and they said that the second one almost always bombs; it's just Murphy's Law. I have also had the experience described as a rollercoaster, presumably until the newness wears off and everything levels out.

We have done some reading in our class to prepare us for the sessions, but I am curious to hear from other veterans out there in other centers. While I know that our situations may be different (i.e. small school vs. big schools etc.), I feel we are all in the same situation. If you had your first consulations to do over again, or if your now self was talking to your old self, what would you tell past you? What sort of advice would you give someone in my position? Are there particular pieces of scholarship that helped you when you were new? Are there certain situations you would cringe at that you had gotten yourself into? Did you experience the same sort of roller coaster as explained to me? It seems that you all are the best source of input for us newbies.


  1. Andrea, no fears for your second consultation. I just did my second and it turned out really well. Don't freak yourself out about it just go in there and do what you know how to do.


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